Helping You Understand The Numbers Behind The Beer.

 Brewed For Her Ledger, LLC

  Accounting, Finance, Operations Strategy For The Beer Industry.

Upcoming Classes and Educational Opportunities 

October-November 2019: Brewery Finance and Accounting course through the University of Vermont (co-lead instructor)

October-November 2019: Brewery Operations course though South Puget Sound Community College (guest instructor for multiple classes)

November 2019: NanoCon in Vancouver, Washington 

November 7, 2019: North Carolina Craft Brewers Conference (Winston-Salem, NC)

January 27-28, 2020: Nebraska Craft Brewers and Growers Conference

February 5-6, 2020: Ohio Craft Brewers Conference (Dayton, OH)

March 27, 2020: Wisconsin Brewers Guild Tech Conference and Trade Show (Green Bay, WI)